Download Manager Pro v3.3.0 Released

Today we released the version 3.3.0 of Download Manager Pro. This update contains two freshly designed template for Download Manager’s “Catagories” named 3 Columns, Detailed and 1 Column, Extended. Yes, doesn’t sound very nice. But these names explains those designs best. As we plan to add a lot more of these templates, to avoid any confusion between names and designs we choose to keep these name this way. In this update, we also included Joomla!’s native update notice. So in future, you will see a notice if a new version of Download Manager is released.

Something like this:

Though you will have to get the update in the usual way.

And here is the preview of new templates:

1 Columns, Extended
3 Columns, Detailed

You can get the new version here:

Joomla Download Manager Pro
1.24 MB 61 downloads

Hope you will like this update and let us know what you think about it.
Until next time, Have a Good Day.

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