Create Categories

  1. Login to your Joomla administrator control panel.
  2. Go to Components > Download Manager (Like you did in first two steps of Creating Package)
  3. Then, click on ‘+‘ located next to ‘CATEGORIES
  4. You will see a page like this

    Fill up the form and click ‘CREATE CATEGORY‘.
    *Default Category Style is ‘Card‘.

5 thoughts on “Create Categories

  1. Hi, I created a category, but I can not edit it .. the only option is to create a new one .. is it a bug or can not you change it anymore? I just want to change the title of the created category.

    1. Hello Andrew, If you go to category list in you joomla site admin you will see a pencil button next to category name, you can edit a category by clicking that button or just click on the category name in the list (Marked red in the image)

  2. Hi, thank you for your quick reply… as you can see on image linked, I have probably a problem with installation.. when I’m inside a category there aren’t a button for save (only button for for create new category) .. also I don’t see “plus” button on top page .. (but I can click over)

    Thank you.

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